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Hi, im a sound Engineer, Musician/composer and electrician. I love making art and arrangements recently pulled my head out of playing Doom since 1995 (well sorta).

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fireball01e's News

Posted by fireball01e - December 30th, 2018


This is ultimately playing around Serum and not having a clue what I was doing. This turned out really well.

NG took this down originally but I proved it was my piece and was told I could re-upload it again. 

Here it is: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/748267?updated=1546229375

Posted by fireball01e - September 24th, 2017

I guess some people will be glad to learn that I'm working on a new classical rock album, which will be called "Genesis", I've already got five songs and they take inspiration from multiple artists from the 70's and 80's. 
I have been doign a few tracks with Stuart (Maxxpump), who has been helping with ochestration, this album is as it stands at the moment a purely instrumental album. Its using my new Melotron clone, as well as the studio's Hammond C3, Arp 2500. We also have a few new VST's which I've been playing around with, Monark for Reaktor as well as Gold orchestral package for Kontakt 5. I would love to use my Fender Rhodes, but the last few releases I've put on Newgrounds which use its famous sound have bombed, and I'm guessing people don't like the sound or something. We are going to be using as much outboard on this project as possible and we have access to a guitarist, which I've already recorded on the track I released two days ago called "Falling down to Earth", and the results are very promising. We are going to also have a few guest players on this album. This will be my first album which I've A.) released for a decade, as I just generally don't have time for it normally, B.) this will be my first album I've released on Newgrounds, just hopefully it goes down well, as I'm putting alot of effort into this one, as well as my team of engineers, mix artists, musicians and people which will be arranging the album. 

We already have a track which is inspired by Mark Knoefler and Dire Straits, a track which was inspired by Lynyrd Skynrd, and another which has been inspired by Lennard Connen, this will be all based on Classical rock styles like heard on the Sultans of Swing and Free bird. I'm really pumped for this new project and I will post news and also release a single when we are good to go. Stuart's doing a solo track for the album which will be Synthwave/newwave/Classical Rock. I've heard it and its sounding really good! 

This album will be made up of completly original and new material, and alot of them are ones I've scored in the last decade, but never got around to recording them. I know Fusion styles don't go down too well on the portal, so there won't be any cross overs even though we have quite a few really decent tracks, which fall into this catagory, but we will keep this album consistant.

Posted by fireball01e - September 8th, 2017

Today I've been doing a load of what you probably consider as experimental dance and trance works, in a view to be able to release something nice and hard hitting sometime in the near future. Today also I had my friend Martin and his mate Jim come into the studio. Jim is another Squeeze box player and I don't want to be cheeky but he is better than Stu, in many respects. But as some people may have seen I've released a new song today called "The Looper" which is a Experimental Dance track, incorperating accordion/melodica work, I think its come out sounding quite good. Last night I released a drum and bass song which nearly sounds like something which the Prodigy might have done as it has alot of elements as their earlier works. Which is pretty cool, but I need to have a bit play around before I release my next D&B track as its not really my bag, but I've given a good attempt anyway. 

My friend Stu, A.) has given himself a break from music, B.) hasn't been seen in the studio's for the last week, which is odd since he works there. I know he's still alive as I spoke to him on facebook the other night, but to be honest with jist he gave me online the other day I wouldn't be suprised if he might not be seen on NG again, or at least for quite a while. Mainly as he's been getting really rotten PM's regarding is creative works, not to mention that he's been litrally bombed off of the website by someone trolling his account. I pretty much recommended that the fact if Stu is that volitile, he probably shouldn't be posting on the internet in the first place, but if he does its ultimately upto him. To be honest I know some of his work can be a little outside of the box and not to everyones fancy, but he's got some really good work out, I just thought it was a bit of a shame really. I know Mr Maxx, isn't platinum material as unfortnatly I think his grade of mixing really lets him down on occasion, I also think the frequency of what and how much he posts was kicking him in proverbial as well. I just hope he gets back to what he loves doing, but as a warning it might not be on this platform. 

Anyway back to the drawring board for me and hopefully will get something new and interesting out by tonight.

Edit: Maxxpump just decided to randomly drop a few bars in my studio, which I played some of my lovely Rhodes piano too. Its not bad, a bit rough around the edges, but possibly better than the turds he dropped on Newgrounds earlier today, hes in a bit of a funny mood, but seemed okay...He wants to still do our queen orientated song which I've composed, just waiting for lyrics and a vocal! Its a amalgamation of Boheimian and Don't stop me now and I don't think it sounds too bad.

Here is one of stuarts brain farts, I hope you enjoy it, but word of warning I think it needs a bit of practice to perfect it! http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/764593

Posted by fireball01e - September 3rd, 2017

I think of the most catchy tunes which Maxxpump has done over the years is a piece called "DC3 Piano", which he recorded in '04 and recorded it using a real Yamaha CS-80, which he used in a mates studio as he would have never been able to A.) afford one as they command a pretty steep price when they come up, B.) They are very rare to come up and are generally out of tune when you get them and usually force you to get the retuned at a tune of about £2-3000. Stu has tried over the years to recreate what has become quite a infamous song, as the grade of piano playing when it was recorded using heavy delay, made for some very unique works. He came around yesterday for our weekend session, and he had a piano sample prepaired and on a usb stick, which he made using samples from the CS-80 and ran into Serum, and the sound he created wasn't far off the original sound. So we set to work most of yesterday afternoon recording this track, and what we created isn't bad at all! Its turned out to be a 80's and 90's style euro dance track, which used most of the tools we have at the studio. The project turned out to be a proper beast of a project to mix, and I had spent most of this morning remixing it. So I give you the new version of DC3 Piano which is called The new generation edition. I hope you like this track.   

Posted by fireball01e - August 30th, 2017

So we are in the middle of doing a new production which has inspired heavily by Queen, completly original work, but we are getting in vocal proffesional work, including the one and truely stuart, who has done some work already, he can't quite pitch the same as Freddy Mercury, but he ain't far off! This is going to be truely epic when I release it, but it isn't going to be for a while yet as I want to get absoultely perfect and I really want it sound the best like best produced tune, with vocals which I've ever done. So watch this space. 

Posted by fireball01e - August 28th, 2017

Well by now I'm guessing everyones heard enough Creo remixes to kill a cat, but I wanted to do not a remix as such but a loosely inspired track which I've done and finished off tonight, It uses a adapted chord structure which Creo used, but I've adapted it allow me to add my own funky Synth Saxophone section, and while I've only ever listened to shape of the sun once, its still remains in this piece as I use very similar piano bass lines. Whist this song is original to me and techically its remix, to play it safe I set it to a third party remix of others work, even though the fact of the matter is you can not, copyright a chord sequence, which is a well known fact of the musical industry and musical compostion. Anyway I've made this track my own and hope everyoen who listens to it gets something out of it. Erm, this isn't going to be the final version either, so hold onto your hats as version v2.0 is coming soon.

I kind of released this early as Maxximus-pumpus let the cat out the bag, and had a load of people poking me for a release for the last few hours. Oh well, it might be slightly rushed but it sounds really good! http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/762850

Posted by fireball01e - August 15th, 2017

So I worked with Stuart all morning and he got down some really suprisingly good vocal work, he was really on the ball today, we did "You're a Liar" and we are currently doing "Walking in the air" but thats going to take quite a bit of mixing to get right. So I give you the new song which I produced and mixed http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/760547 hope people like it! 


Update: just finished mixing the other track we did at the weekend, This is called http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/760583 "What do you want from me?"

Posted by fireball01e - August 11th, 2017

First of all I want to plug Stuart's new "Heartless", which is a rock thing inspired by the ages. 

So Stuart wanted to do a Giorgio Moroder and he wanted to create a album with the sounds of the 70's, the 80's, 90's and a sound of of the future! He thought wait a second I'll use the softsynths and everything else he knocking around his flat and personal studio, git even kept on borrowing my equipment, the cheek of it! But he's focused for months on one album project and for someone thats the attention span of a gnat its not bad going. He's doing this one as a freebie through this platform for download if you can stomach his mouth, that I will say now that his vocals at last has kind of found a genre which he doesn't sound half bad. I talked to him on the blower earlier after I listened to his release on Mixcloud and he agreed to slight bit of remixing and then he'll get it mastered by a monkey and a typewriter and see if it sounds like anything which he maybe able pass of as something that wasn't produced by him. Its taken him a decade and 15 albums to get right, but for once his mixes are passable, his technique and production skills which have got better over the last mellenia, failed attempts and actually for once making something that people called for, his handful of fans and everyone that follows either Exe.Dist or his other group Transquanta sound and design. He's really tried on this one, if u ain't give it a listen, he ain't moroder by any stretch of the imagination, his vocals are kind of unique, he belives that one day he might sound like Gary Numan, which will be f**kin very very funny indeed, but doesn't stop him trying. This link is his pet and brain child hope you like it! http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/760006

I've been going on about a secret project part of it was this [the thing above], and also I'm working slowly on a collaboration project which will see me boucing to different places and getting different views on what music should sound like which is going pretty interesting to say the least. Please await more info and I will some snippets when tracks get made. Peace out everyone! 

Posted by fireball01e - August 11th, 2017

Me and stu just finished a new dance song called "Phased Strings" which was mainly made on Analogue equipment, and has a little bit of reinforcement with select VSTi's. I really like how this one turned out, if you like leave a comment as we would love to hear from you and your opinion! http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/759916

Posted by fireball01e - August 8th, 2017

Downfall is one of Maxxpump's hit tracks from last year, which he composed at least three years before that. My new job is to help him adapt it for live use....its an absolute nightmare in a ham basket.

My downfall is one of those tracks that Stuart made that he spent, I remember him saying about a week and a half, he broke the mold as genres go and its Ambeint Electronica, but its not ...Really is its own genre. The original has hints of dance in there as well, but me and Davis agree that its a very  different track, its his own signature piece and he now wants to re-create it and open a fourty five minute show, which started selling tickets a couple of weeks ago, and there is suprisingly a lot of poeple that want to see him play live. He's doing a small venue which has a capcity of about a thousand people. I've come up with some ideas, but the original is so hard to beat, its a very intricate, very delicate piece. I know, but I did look how well it did on the portal and it seems that it unfortnatly maybe posted at the wrong time of day or something, but it crashed and burnt, swept under the carpet, I think its the worst reaction he got on any platform unfortunately. He released a few versions on YouTube getting a few hundred views a piece, better than he even got on the portal, which I imagine is down to statistics and it was posted just at the wrong time in the wrong place and noone was the wiser. 

We will be rerecording as a two week project using the original analogues, apart from the Yamaha CS-40m which stu traded in for a Roland System 8 a while back and I know regrets it pretty sorely.  This will be recorded to Neuendo for Live reproduction (obviously with all live aspects removed, its mainly going to be drums and SFX tracks as Stuart's going play all piano and lead synths live). But we have spent three days on it so far and my recyling bin has a whole bunch of rejects in there already. Stuart's been very meticulous about this, he's after a very spefic sounding track and he doesn't get it at the end thats two weeks down the proverbial toilet as he said he ain't playing anything but what the original sounds and he wants that to be the live version, even though his original project was unfortuenatly corrupted last month, when his SSD died on him. 

Anyway watch this space for developments, and here's the original for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgPZTALZl1o