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New songs in the pipeline...maxxpump

2017-04-15 08:03:33 by fireball01e

First off all what I've been upto...

I've been away for a while because originally I was helping Stuart (pump boi!) set up his new "away" studio and then I built my studio from the ground up in my back garden. I've now got a fully sound proofed room with seprate room for vocals, 24 channel mixing console, outboard which I've been collecting since the 90's including effects, 500 strip units by Neve, EMI and AMS, Samplers, a Akai MPC 4000 and tape echo. I've apart from building it, I've been recording bands and vocalists and really haven't had time to come onto here... until now. I've got a few tunes in the pipe line and collabs I've done With Dan and Davis. I've done some singer song writer stuff with Stuart. And I've got autotune worked out to the "T" even though I've got a Automatic TC helicon Autotune outboard unit which I've nearly mastered as well. 

Maxxpump and his studio (might as well mention what happened to Davis Loman while I'm at it...

Stuart (maxxpump to you guys) has now got his own small studio with 16 track console, Studer Tape players, DAT and quite a bit of outboard, I see he has been consistantly releasing songs, which is cool, but has he mentioned our joint and I'm not talking about DNA either, which is souding good and he now plans, to get it fully released by the summer with a paid semi live verison released by Christmas...Sounding cool, well heres my insight to my new project. I call it Bliss, a project of semi live recordings and other works done from my collection of Roland, Moog and EMS Synthesisers. It will be electronica, rock, dance, trance and much more EDM to stick to boot, I may depending on what happens release it under Davis Lomans "Lomax Studios" Indie label and will give you guys updates, snippets and Betas as things go along...I will be releasing a taster track by tommorrow, and see how that goes down. We have just finsihed a Indiegogo Campiagn and won an amount of money to get this album Pro-recorded and mastered, as well as properly manufactering a well received (hopefully) album. It has a team of twenty six people onboard, with all different talents. We have pianists, keyboard (a speciality Rodes electric keyboard player), we have a guy that knows his way around analogue Synths. We have Strings, guitars and bass players. and as a special treat we have a jazz organ player. This album is being inspired by R.A.M  by Daft Punk, Oxygene 1-17 by Jean Michel Jarre and Stuarts favourite artist which is Giorgio Moroder, especially from here to Eternity, E=MCsquared and his newer album De Ja Vu.  

Hopefully the sessions go well and I can release some smashing good material that even the masters could be proud off. Watch mine and Maxxpumps channel for more information when and were it happens. 



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