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The Power of Love

2017-04-19 11:38:52 by fireball01e

One of the near god like producers which I aspire to is a chap called "Trevor Horn", we, for the last two weeks have been making a cover of The Power of Love", probably one of the best song he co-produced. I've chosen this song as its one of my favourite songs I've ever heard and is probably warranted for making alot of adults at least tearful...if not you don't have a soul. 

We are currently figuring out if we will make it purely instrumental or have a vocal, as the equipment that trevor horn used on this with Frankie goes to hollywood is way out of my league, a ribbon and a EMI Condenser, the best we have is a SE Gemini II, not saying its not good, but I don't think our recordings could get anywhere close.

Plus are only singers is Kate and I dare say Stuart, as its a male spot, I will trial Stuart see how it turns out and if it doesn't make my ears bleed I will paste it into the recording.

I think its going to be a YT release, but im worried as its starting to sound very like the original, I we may be flagged for copyright....  


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2017-04-19 12:54:50

Just thinking earlier how long is taken to program the Juno-106 and playing around in Kontakt to get the strings right. I doubt I can get my voice to sound anything like William Johnson. I've already had some hate comments working on this especially after my blog post, most people making homophobic comments, because of what Frankie stood for, which I still think is bullshit.

I've got a real problem singing this song as it makes me pretty emotional, so you might want to find someone else to do it. I want to be known as the person that everyone likes my keyboard playing not the one that sings in your group, as I don't like singing, I sound bad. I might have been able to sing well when growing up. But as a decade long smoker I don't have the lung capacity or throat to do this kind of thing anymore.

Thanks for sending me over what you've done so far, I will get the piano on it tonight. Mix is sounding very balanced, not 100% sure about the electric guitar tone as of yet. But the strings are sounding well good and the bass is sounding pretty cool on my sub (Hi-Fi).

Have you heard the cover by Gabrielle Aplin, go listen to it, tell me what you think. To be honest I really liked the piano playing. But the vocals are a bit to difficult to swallow, as I've been listening to Frankies version since the 80's. One of my first records, got both the 12" and SP, but I'm still in the love with the extended 12" version.

Hopefully our cover goes down well, it should go down well on tour, but not sure about the internet as I'm getting alot of stick about my last cover of Jean Michel Jarres and the Pet Shop Boys Brick England (not to mention the release of It's a Sin, much hate from the PSB's community).

Do you want me to send you the piano files as a .CPR or .PTF...I'm not sure what your currently using. Im still on Cubase 9, I would prefer to use that, but if you want a Pro Tools file I can fire up the old workstation, its just my 002 keeps on dropping out and I don't want to play in the piano to find that's happened.

I'll see you on Saturday. By the way, gig went well and they loved my new dance piece...


2017-04-19 13:58:33

Just to let you know I've just started on a cover of Broskie beat, which was a 80's song I really like. The vocals are sounding amazing, so may give you some hope for practice for your project!

I hope when I send the test file, your "ears" don't start bleeding every where...