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Maxxpump's ultimate downfall. A track for live production.

2017-08-08 10:37:28 by fireball01e

Downfall is one of Maxxpump's hit tracks from last year, which he composed at least three years before that. My new job is to help him adapt it for live use....its an absolute nightmare in a ham basket.

My downfall is one of those tracks that Stuart made that he spent, I remember him saying about a week and a half, he broke the mold as genres go and its Ambeint Electronica, but its not ...Really is its own genre. The original has hints of dance in there as well, but me and Davis agree that its a very  different track, its his own signature piece and he now wants to re-create it and open a fourty five minute show, which started selling tickets a couple of weeks ago, and there is suprisingly a lot of poeple that want to see him play live. He's doing a small venue which has a capcity of about a thousand people. I've come up with some ideas, but the original is so hard to beat, its a very intricate, very delicate piece. I know, but I did look how well it did on the portal and it seems that it unfortnatly maybe posted at the wrong time of day or something, but it crashed and burnt, swept under the carpet, I think its the worst reaction he got on any platform unfortunately. He released a few versions on YouTube getting a few hundred views a piece, better than he even got on the portal, which I imagine is down to statistics and it was posted just at the wrong time in the wrong place and noone was the wiser. 

We will be rerecording as a two week project using the original analogues, apart from the Yamaha CS-40m which stu traded in for a Roland System 8 a while back and I know regrets it pretty sorely.  This will be recorded to Neuendo for Live reproduction (obviously with all live aspects removed, its mainly going to be drums and SFX tracks as Stuart's going play all piano and lead synths live). But we have spent three days on it so far and my recyling bin has a whole bunch of rejects in there already. Stuart's been very meticulous about this, he's after a very spefic sounding track and he doesn't get it at the end thats two weeks down the proverbial toilet as he said he ain't playing anything but what the original sounds and he wants that to be the live version, even though his original project was unfortuenatly corrupted last month, when his SSD died on him. 

Anyway watch this space for developments, and here's the original for reference:


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