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More about my secret project and stu's new album

2017-08-11 22:45:05 by fireball01e

First of all I want to plug Stuart's new "Heartless", which is a rock thing inspired by the ages. 

So Stuart wanted to do a Giorgio Moroder and he wanted to create a album with the sounds of the 70's, the 80's, 90's and a sound of of the future! He thought wait a second I'll use the softsynths and everything else he knocking around his flat and personal studio, git even kept on borrowing my equipment, the cheek of it! But he's focused for months on one album project and for someone thats the attention span of a gnat its not bad going. He's doing this one as a freebie through this platform for download if you can stomach his mouth, that I will say now that his vocals at last has kind of found a genre which he doesn't sound half bad. I talked to him on the blower earlier after I listened to his release on Mixcloud and he agreed to slight bit of remixing and then he'll get it mastered by a monkey and a typewriter and see if it sounds like anything which he maybe able pass of as something that wasn't produced by him. Its taken him a decade and 15 albums to get right, but for once his mixes are passable, his technique and production skills which have got better over the last mellenia, failed attempts and actually for once making something that people called for, his handful of fans and everyone that follows either Exe.Dist or his other group Transquanta sound and design. He's really tried on this one, if u ain't give it a listen, he ain't moroder by any stretch of the imagination, his vocals are kind of unique, he belives that one day he might sound like Gary Numan, which will be f**kin very very funny indeed, but doesn't stop him trying. This link is his pet and brain child hope you like it!

I've been going on about a secret project part of it was this [the thing above], and also I'm working slowly on a collaboration project which will see me boucing to different places and getting different views on what music should sound like which is going pretty interesting to say the least. Please await more info and I will some snippets when tracks get made. Peace out everyone! 


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2017-08-13 09:55:06

Did u check out Davis's new work! Did you know about this? Kind of savage to be honest, and I reckon you knew about this as well. sorry but this is my last post I really can't be bothered with this crap anymore!

fireball01e responds:

Sorry stu but you had that coming, as the general consensus is your music is crap. don't bother with youtube, find another niche to call your own that ain't music.