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The shape of the sun, and things to come...

2017-08-28 19:16:42 by fireball01e

Well by now I'm guessing everyones heard enough Creo remixes to kill a cat, but I wanted to do not a remix as such but a loosely inspired track which I've done and finished off tonight, It uses a adapted chord structure which Creo used, but I've adapted it allow me to add my own funky Synth Saxophone section, and while I've only ever listened to shape of the sun once, its still remains in this piece as I use very similar piano bass lines. Whist this song is original to me and techically its remix, to play it safe I set it to a third party remix of others work, even though the fact of the matter is you can not, copyright a chord sequence, which is a well known fact of the musical industry and musical compostion. Anyway I've made this track my own and hope everyoen who listens to it gets something out of it. Erm, this isn't going to be the final version either, so hold onto your hats as version v2.0 is coming soon.

I kind of released this early as Maxximus-pumpus let the cat out the bag, and had a load of people poking me for a release for the last few hours. Oh well, it might be slightly rushed but it sounds really good!


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2017-08-28 19:24:01

but why kill a cat anyway? why not a rabbit? I'm allergic anyways...