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DC3 piano a original dance piece

2017-09-03 09:03:52 by fireball01e

I think of the most catchy tunes which Maxxpump has done over the years is a piece called "DC3 Piano", which he recorded in '04 and recorded it using a real Yamaha CS-80, which he used in a mates studio as he would have never been able to A.) afford one as they command a pretty steep price when they come up, B.) They are very rare to come up and are generally out of tune when you get them and usually force you to get the retuned at a tune of about £2-3000. Stu has tried over the years to recreate what has become quite a infamous song, as the grade of piano playing when it was recorded using heavy delay, made for some very unique works. He came around yesterday for our weekend session, and he had a piano sample prepaired and on a usb stick, which he made using samples from the CS-80 and ran into Serum, and the sound he created wasn't far off the original sound. So we set to work most of yesterday afternoon recording this track, and what we created isn't bad at all! Its turned out to be a 80's and 90's style euro dance track, which used most of the tools we have at the studio. The project turned out to be a proper beast of a project to mix, and I had spent most of this morning remixing it. So I give you the new version of DC3 Piano which is called The new generation edition. I hope you like this track.   


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