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New music and my friends gone awol!

2017-09-08 11:00:50 by fireball01e

Today I've been doing a load of what you probably consider as experimental dance and trance works, in a view to be able to release something nice and hard hitting sometime in the near future. Today also I had my friend Martin and his mate Jim come into the studio. Jim is another Squeeze box player and I don't want to be cheeky but he is better than Stu, in many respects. But as some people may have seen I've released a new song today called "The Looper" which is a Experimental Dance track, incorperating accordion/melodica work, I think its come out sounding quite good. Last night I released a drum and bass song which nearly sounds like something which the Prodigy might have done as it has alot of elements as their earlier works. Which is pretty cool, but I need to have a bit play around before I release my next D&B track as its not really my bag, but I've given a good attempt anyway. 

My friend Stu, A.) has given himself a break from music, B.) hasn't been seen in the studio's for the last week, which is odd since he works there. I know he's still alive as I spoke to him on facebook the other night, but to be honest with jist he gave me online the other day I wouldn't be suprised if he might not be seen on NG again, or at least for quite a while. Mainly as he's been getting really rotten PM's regarding is creative works, not to mention that he's been litrally bombed off of the website by someone trolling his account. I pretty much recommended that the fact if Stu is that volitile, he probably shouldn't be posting on the internet in the first place, but if he does its ultimately upto him. To be honest I know some of his work can be a little outside of the box and not to everyones fancy, but he's got some really good work out, I just thought it was a bit of a shame really. I know Mr Maxx, isn't platinum material as unfortnatly I think his grade of mixing really lets him down on occasion, I also think the frequency of what and how much he posts was kicking him in proverbial as well. I just hope he gets back to what he loves doing, but as a warning it might not be on this platform. 

Anyway back to the drawring board for me and hopefully will get something new and interesting out by tonight.

Edit: Maxxpump just decided to randomly drop a few bars in my studio, which I played some of my lovely Rhodes piano too. Its not bad, a bit rough around the edges, but possibly better than the turds he dropped on Newgrounds earlier today, hes in a bit of a funny mood, but seemed okay...He wants to still do our queen orientated song which I've composed, just waiting for lyrics and a vocal! Its a amalgamation of Boheimian and Don't stop me now and I don't think it sounds too bad.

Here is one of stuarts brain farts, I hope you enjoy it, but word of warning I think it needs a bit of practice to perfect it!


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