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Hi, im a sound Engineer, Musician/composer and electrician. I love making art and arrangements recently pulled my head out of playing Doom since 1995 (well sorta).

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A new album in the pipeline. Classical rock album called "Genesis".

Posted by fireball01e - September 24th, 2017

I guess some people will be glad to learn that I'm working on a new classical rock album, which will be called "Genesis", I've already got five songs and they take inspiration from multiple artists from the 70's and 80's. 
I have been doign a few tracks with Stuart (Maxxpump), who has been helping with ochestration, this album is as it stands at the moment a purely instrumental album. Its using my new Melotron clone, as well as the studio's Hammond C3, Arp 2500. We also have a few new VST's which I've been playing around with, Monark for Reaktor as well as Gold orchestral package for Kontakt 5. I would love to use my Fender Rhodes, but the last few releases I've put on Newgrounds which use its famous sound have bombed, and I'm guessing people don't like the sound or something. We are going to be using as much outboard on this project as possible and we have access to a guitarist, which I've already recorded on the track I released two days ago called "Falling down to Earth", and the results are very promising. We are going to also have a few guest players on this album. This will be my first album which I've A.) released for a decade, as I just generally don't have time for it normally, B.) this will be my first album I've released on Newgrounds, just hopefully it goes down well, as I'm putting alot of effort into this one, as well as my team of engineers, mix artists, musicians and people which will be arranging the album. 

We already have a track which is inspired by Mark Knoefler and Dire Straits, a track which was inspired by Lynyrd Skynrd, and another which has been inspired by Lennard Connen, this will be all based on Classical rock styles like heard on the Sultans of Swing and Free bird. I'm really pumped for this new project and I will post news and also release a single when we are good to go. Stuart's doing a solo track for the album which will be Synthwave/newwave/Classical Rock. I've heard it and its sounding really good! 

This album will be made up of completly original and new material, and alot of them are ones I've scored in the last decade, but never got around to recording them. I know Fusion styles don't go down too well on the portal, so there won't be any cross overs even though we have quite a few really decent tracks, which fall into this catagory, but we will keep this album consistant.

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Would like to see how it runs out!

New album? I'm watching you "Fireball01e", I know who you are I've been watching and listening to you for a while, and have a hunch that you are like your mate Maxx, not been truthful to your followers, you know what I mean. I look forward to your output, lets see if its any good! lol