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Freedom from tour edit Freedom from tour edit

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Real fun producing this with you...You band done an amazing job conveying this song to the public and I know its a real step in the right direction concerning your vocals, even though NewGrounds seems to really dislike every time you open gob on here, even you say davis paid you recently quite a lot of money to sing on the monika molise song, and monika was well chuffed, her albums sold well, and I didn't here nothing but positive comments from the grapevine, so you're doing something right at least...What can I say about this piece...maybe a little bit over the top with the quantisation. Your vocals in perfect tune and your voice sounds really through the Rode NT5's.

I also give you an extra nod towards the free gigs playing this song for AA/NA regional meetup and that YMCA gig you did a month ago, Legend and all for charity what can I say I can never say thanks enough especially through the hidden message in this song which extremely relevant for the NA/AA lot! Well done, I pine for a new song like this after you retire this as I know its done its rounds and you want to stay fresh! I do understand fully.

But do remember there will be a load of people on here that might offer constructive criticism, but there is a hell of a lot of trolls that might try to grind you into the ground, remember they ain't worth it and I as usual will see you for work on Saturday, where you can exercise your gills without fear of retribution from the low lifes of the world.

Im not Sorry (Synth/New Wave) Im not Sorry (Synth/New Wave)

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Good composition, not very good use of the VP-550 by the way, Could have used some poly tonal effects as it sounds like you a F'in Dalek or something...

Be Free Without me Be Free Without me

Rated 4 / 5 stars

What can I say, I think to composition is rock solid. It sounds like you tried your best on the vocals, as I know you usually do. My only negative is I think it get slightly too overcrowded at the end, and maybe good at having a slight remix? But I know from you News section, that this is a Beta. I know its 80's style, but I just don't think it sits right in the New wave category? I'm biased as I don't really like New Wave music. Really like you synthesiser playing and as I said the composition is really good, but I'm starting to think your barking up the wrong tree stuart and it might be time to start preaching on other platforms, as NG just doesn't seem to respect you at all.

We are Unchained Legacy We are Unchained Legacy

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I remember you making this back in the day, wasn't it for that Brighton festival gig you did? Not bad processing I might add, because I know how DAT's get after a decade let alone two. You also played it
Live with Carl, Daniel and Jeb (Drums and programming on his drum machines? (RIP)), not sure about who you did it with this recording mind. I downloaded it, amazing stuff.

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maxxpump responds:

Most of the tapes I own from back then are F'd, so surprised this played back without to much flutter. Yeah this was the one song which we did for Brighton Festival, summer of that year, not this version as the Live one was, unique! What can I say about Jeb mind, poor kid, nearly the anniversary of the car accident as well (it was june 25th 1997) He did the programming for this recording, plus you hear Carls work on this track as well.

Forsaken (version 1) Forsaken (version 1)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This track has a lot of potential, you need to redo the vocals, and maybe add a bit more mastering as is sounds like turd on my mains monitors, but it sounds really good in my headphones. Loving that sequence that starts around the halfway mark. Text me stu maybe we could work on this together.

Mind (The Strings of Rock) 2 Mind (The Strings of Rock) 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I don't think Paul suited this track very well, even though he has a very good rock vocal, just not on this track, and as it was rushed, it personally sounds like his vocals are either under processed, or just mangled...

Grey Shades Grey Shades

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I really enjoyed this, as you say it really sounds like early Oasys. Vocals a bit out of tune at times and you didn't obviously use Auto Tune, as I can't hear the re-tuning (Unless you got really good since last week). I like the live aspect keep it up. But I would like to see you doing more releases with your vocals but then a 2nd release with an instrumental so some people can do karaoke, or something along those lines.

Dystopian rock (Series part 2) Dystopian rock (Series part 2)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I see this has been down voted and no comments have been left, no wonder you're so annoyed stuart, as for what you been getting in your personal mail and you showed me last night is quite shocking. I also see why your so peed off about someone plagiarizing you dystopia Album when you released it three months ago. This is really good, I know from your message this morning you spent most of the night making it, and it sounds excellent. Narration is top notch, I gave you a vote and here leaving my comment (that's how it should be), I'm so sorry about hearing YouTube taking your channel out, I know it was all your own work and you should be able to effectively complain.

I don't know if you saw I put up that song we did last night together, I thought it would go down badly but its pretty cool, I had a nice time and the mix sounds pretty good, I finished it off this morning.

My only negative here for this track is your cut between your rock track and that second track, you should have done that much better.

Get back to me on that "Somewhere without love" track I really want to help you redo it, and can book you next week (depends which message you see first as I emailed you the details). Also that other track you showed me, "falling for eternity" I will try and see if Brian will sing it for you.

I hope you are well and in a better mood than last night as I enjoyed myself, but that was the only let down. You shouldn't let PM's on this site get you down, as I've been having a load recently and I just take it in my stride. Plus if it keeps on happening I would report it to a mod.

Still would love to know who is bombing your work as its not fair and I reckon they don't even listen to your piece, the lyrics or both. As this is book material and you did all the voicing of the characters, which I thought was pretty cool.

Anyway I'll speak later when you reply to one of my messages.

I Have a Problem (living with AS) I Have a Problem (living with AS)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

respect, hope your well

maxxpump responds:

Thanks fireball, when u get a chance check your phone as I sent you a message.

Also read my reply to the comment above as I'm not going to repeat myself

Sugar Plum Fairy (NG Mix RD2) Sugar Plum Fairy (NG Mix RD2)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Just got your text, seems to me that kid which you left the comment on his news post got the hump with you and obviously have been sending you nasty messages and zero bombing all your work... I like this song even though I hate crap step, at least you've tried with this remix and I don't understand apart from hatred towards your cause, why anyone would bomb you like this. All I can say is people! if you don't like this tune leave a comment and backup your rating otherwise it's not particularly fair, to bomb and run, like the obvious wuss you are... I read his news post and looked at his Youtube profile and he had posted a Skrillex Bangarang rip off remix, no wonder he said he got banned from the portal, so kid if you read this, stop ripping music, don't hate towards my mate and go haunt someone else...

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