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Im back!

2017-07-29 05:08:58 by fireball01e

Been away for a few weeks, saw both Jean Michel Jarre with Stuart and his lovely girl friend, then I saw Giogio Moroder play live in spain. Currently working on a secret project, with a few people. More to come.

So basically everytime someone has a problem with any of my releases, instead of leaving a comment on the said piece, or just adding it to the bottom of my news section. Don't keep on PM'ing me your crap on the PM system, it ain't cool, you do it to my other mates as well on here, I guess because there maybe a problem with your grapes? not enough balls...Just stop being a nob through the PM which I usually use for permissions of music and general chat with my work mates! It's not for your spam! 

So I released two electronic EDM pieces tonight, one being a dubstep orientated piece another drum and bass piece. Imagine not many peeps up on the portal tonight as barely a peep around to see what I've done, oh well I'll sit on it...Just helped Stu with a Skrilled inspired tune, again not conventional Dubstep, but very close to Skrillex's style and I think if posted at the right time it would be a killer track. He nearly crashed his computer that he was running so many instances of Serum. I believe he was running between thirty to fourty tracks and his computer crawled when we did the bounce down. If your interested he posted it up on soundcloud, he said he will release it here tomorrow afternoon (GMT), I think its a really cool and catchy track, but that depends what the communtity thinks of it as even though its got a lot of simularities to skrill's work, its slightly experimental and we were playing around with a load of layed machine sounds in the end. I think he's got the hang of the drum patterns, and he showed me some track called game something by a kerry? It sounded like some pretty cool Dubstep and would love to produce something like that, but ain't no time foo dat! I will be hopefully launching a new Drum and bass mix I've been working on that sounds very much like a mixture between Chase and Status and Pendulum, been out to a fridau gig last night and played it and it went down really well. 

Don't know if Stu's let on that we just purchased a Moog Voyager Stage edition. which is F'in cool as tits, and has a hell of a sound on it. Hopefully be doing a few tracks in the near future with that can of worms and hopefully kill some birds with my rather large rock. Freedom Stuart's track to be honest I haven't touched it yet as a major project and am a bit lost as what to do with it, as its a very good track as a New wave piece, he want's some electronica/Drum and bass track made out of it, and in minds eye I don't think it will suit it. 

As you may have seen we are currently for the next day working with Jordan some weird irish dude, he sings, not professional level, but sounds much better than Maxx (Stu). He's got a nice drawl to his singing voice which I seems hard for the pro singers I've worked with in the past. So expect a few featured tracks to come out in the next few days.  

Stuart the other day gave me the original files for his hit song "That 80's song" Also known to others as "Freedom", his song has reached nearly forty thousand views on Youtube, thanks to everyone which made it possible and viewed it. He has many different versions of it on newgrounds where It didn't do so well, but he's asked me to remix it, with the help of Aaron Horn, who is trevor horns son, his dad is known for producing the Art of Noise and Frankie goes to hollywood. Stuart's original single had reached the top 100's in the UK and sold over 20K copies, which stuart is severely proud of. I'm going to do everything in my power to make this the best remix ever.

It will probably be dance with hints of rock, hit me back to hear whats going on as this is an amazing project and am honored to do this for Stuart (Maxxpump). Even though most people on Newgrounds, think thats stuarts vocals are crap, he performed his chart selling hit with jimmy anderson, and Shane MacGowan look them up they are excellent singers, so his vocals can't be that bad due to the fact the lead singer of the Pogues sang on it (1980's band from ireland). Stuart Is currently waiting to hear back from a company called Parlophone, which if he's employed he will join other members like the pet shop boys, and chris wood's who are also signed to parlophone! It's taken stuart maybe two decades to being noticed, but he is making it slowly but surely. I'm jealous as I'm stuck in a dead end studio job, even though it's my dream job, there's no career path within the company and I've never personally been signed. 

To the people who are hurting stuart by hating on him, please stop as he needs all the help he can get at the moment, and he really cares about Newgrounds, and he has said to me he may pack it in if he doesn't soon get recognition, as some of his music is shit hot and hes just been hated and bombed to stop him getting on the front page lists which is not fair. I've been here a decade nearly and never seen so much hate towards a user ever and it needs to stop. 

So last night I made a song, a dance song which was probably a little repedative, so some kid (obviously a kid as how he's been chatting to me), left a comment on the song saying it pretty much was boring and made his ears die. Then he pretty much imediately sent me a private message stating that he was sorry and he didn't mean to say these things. Then I got a message a few hours later from one of the mods on the forum stating that I've been acused of stealing or uploading other peoples work. I found the post and it was started by the same kid. So I PM'ed him saying what he was playing at, because plagerism is not an activity I partake in. He said, that he thought I had uploaded a Skrillex song, a Bangarang and I had been caught and apperently been given the boot. A.) I would never upload anyone elses music, B.) until last night I didn't know who this Skrillex guy even was. C.) If I was given the boot I wouldn't be here. So if you come across one of his posts on the forum, you know whats going on.

I imagine hes annoyed at me for making something which he can't make and he is insecure, plus has a bad temper, likes lieing and stiring shit up and, obviously doesn't like me for some reason. If anyone has a clue whats this kids upto give us a message as I would like to know why someone would decidedly attack me, through the forums and PM system. 

This has taken all day, please take a listen and tell me what you think...

All permissions have been sourt on this mix and it does mean that building apon and commercial usage is not allowed. Sorry...


We are currently surrounded by friends on tour, we are so happy that Stuart our lead singer had burst into tears about half an hour ago, were absolutely overwhelmed by the response from our fans and international fan base. We have played brighton five times in the last fortnight, we played "Freedom" last night and the reaction was astounding (so much im tearful just recounting it), the songs about one of Stuarts best friends who died after contracting a disease, the disease was called Heroin addiction, we are amazingly proud of Stuart, and we are so sorry for his loss, it was only about six months ago, and its fresh on everyone's minds. Were playing Portsmouth in two nights, paris at the weekend, and Amsterdam next week. Our entourage, and groupies have been amazing and have my dad to thank for teaching the mix artists everything he knows. Stuart Last night launched the first part of his new album DNA part 1, which has collabs from Geoff downes and Steven Gervais (who has been JMJ's keyboard artist for the last thirty years). 

But we have some sad news we want to convey, and that is that we are going our separate ways after we finish this tour. Stuart will still be Exe.Dist but not have a band anymore, but I imagine not for long anyway as he is very resourceful! 

Peace everyone and this tour as said before has been in memory of David Johnson who taught everything to us. Just unfortunate that his talent died with his heroin addiction

A blast from the past, the 70's...

For a start I'm working on some Itali Disco and other cinematic pieces from that era...

A little bit closer...the 80's...

I've also been producing some Newwave and electronica pieces, which will in turn be rerecorded in the studio to go towards a album project, for maxxpump.

The 90's are here...LOL,,,

I've been cowritting a load of EDM pieces again to help Maxxpump out...Towards inspired album....








So about three weeks ago my studio was looking around for new string and brass samples, and we found we were contacted by a forum many months ago and they were a dufunct record company which were looking to offload a dbunch of samples. So it took me about half a week to load everything to the S6000's and we made some super expressive patches and I then imbarked on a Cinematic project called "It's all in the Stereo", which I've released tonight, we made the song mainly to sell as part of a studio album project, and I'm really impressed with how it came out...

We recorded it using a Tascam HD hard drive recorder, a Sound Tracs mixing console and we had access to a number of EMI grade 500 units for the inserts. The sound sounds excellent on my HIFi and we are currently awaiting, professional mastering of the song in question. We are currently working on a remake of Hans Zimmers Time, and we are going to redo the power of love using our new equipment.

These samples were not cheap and since so much time was spent on this project we released on mutipul platforms, but without downloads enabled, some people might think this is a shitty move but, we are kind of overly proud of this composition and there will be a paid extended version out in due time, after we have the masters on ready to upload in high digital quality on here and the other platforms. 

If anyone has any requests don't hesitate to ask as I have some free time next week and maybe open to remaking something or releasing a new banger record. Lets see what happens. 

The Power of Love

2017-04-19 11:38:52 by fireball01e

One of the near god like producers which I aspire to is a chap called "Trevor Horn", we, for the last two weeks have been making a cover of The Power of Love", probably one of the best song he co-produced. I've chosen this song as its one of my favourite songs I've ever heard and is probably warranted for making alot of adults at least tearful...if not you don't have a soul. 

We are currently figuring out if we will make it purely instrumental or have a vocal, as the equipment that trevor horn used on this with Frankie goes to hollywood is way out of my league, a ribbon and a EMI Condenser, the best we have is a SE Gemini II, not saying its not good, but I don't think our recordings could get anywhere close.

Plus are only singers is Kate and I dare say Stuart, as its a male spot, I will trial Stuart see how it turns out and if it doesn't make my ears bleed I will paste it into the recording.

I think its going to be a YT release, but im worried as its starting to sound very like the original, I we may be flagged for copyright....