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First off all what I've been upto...

I've been away for a while because originally I was helping Stuart (pump boi!) set up his new "away" studio and then I built my studio from the ground up in my back garden. I've now got a fully sound proofed room with seprate room for vocals, 24 channel mixing console, outboard which I've been collecting since the 90's including effects, 500 strip units by Neve, EMI and AMS, Samplers, a Akai MPC 4000 and tape echo. I've apart from building it, I've been recording bands and vocalists and really haven't had time to come onto here... until now. I've got a few tunes in the pipe line and collabs I've done With Dan and Davis. I've done some singer song writer stuff with Stuart. And I've got autotune worked out to the "T" even though I've got a Automatic TC helicon Autotune outboard unit which I've nearly mastered as well. 

Maxxpump and his studio (might as well mention what happened to Davis Loman while I'm at it...

Stuart (maxxpump to you guys) has now got his own small studio with 16 track console, Studer Tape players, DAT and quite a bit of outboard, I see he has been consistantly releasing songs, which is cool, but has he mentioned our joint and I'm not talking about DNA either, which is souding good and he now plans, to get it fully released by the summer with a paid semi live verison released by Christmas...Sounding cool, well heres my insight to my new project. I call it Bliss, a project of semi live recordings and other works done from my collection of Roland, Moog and EMS Synthesisers. It will be electronica, rock, dance, trance and much more EDM to stick to boot, I may depending on what happens release it under Davis Lomans "Lomax Studios" Indie label and will give you guys updates, snippets and Betas as things go along...I will be releasing a taster track by tommorrow, and see how that goes down. We have just finsihed a Indiegogo Campiagn and won an amount of money to get this album Pro-recorded and mastered, as well as properly manufactering a well received (hopefully) album. It has a team of twenty six people onboard, with all different talents. We have pianists, keyboard (a speciality Rodes electric keyboard player), we have a guy that knows his way around analogue Synths. We have Strings, guitars and bass players. and as a special treat we have a jazz organ player. This album is being inspired by R.A.M  by Daft Punk, Oxygene 1-17 by Jean Michel Jarre and Stuarts favourite artist which is Giorgio Moroder, especially from here to Eternity, E=MCsquared and his newer album De Ja Vu.  

Hopefully the sessions go well and I can release some smashing good material that even the masters could be proud off. Watch mine and Maxxpumps channel for more information when and were it happens. 



Hello and welcome to my channel! 


For a start I've been working on some game remixes and remakes, including songs form Sonic the hedgehog, Xenon 2 Megablast and Command and Conquer one. They should be released later tonight. Namely my heavy rock version of Act on Instinct and my remake of Xenons Megablast (By Bomb the Bass). 


I've been talking to Maxxpump about how  should set my channel up and I've decided to do covers, remixes of other peoples work (requests are welcomed!) and video game tracks. Because as some of you are aware my line of work is studio recording of video game music and have worked in the past with companies like activision, Bethseda studios and the bitmap brothers. Maxxpump is going to keep his channel up and running for launching original music and if I make something original I will shoot it across and he will launch it for me, as hes nice like that.  

I've had a few requests from people wanting me to make game music, for their little games and animations. I'm all for this and welcome any such requests. I know Maxxpump is working on music for a web app as well a making music for an android game, so he may have his hands full for the next week or so. So if you want something don't hesitate to ask. I've now been in this industry since 1981 and enjoy evry moment of it. I also am part of a electronica group called Exe.Dist which me, jamie, stuart and davis formed in 1996, if you haven't already go and check out Maxxpumps YouTube page, which contains the joint music we have made over the years. which includes all manor of remixes and remakes, but with vocals and samples which I haven't been able to use on this website due to infringement rules.

Im now working on a EDM and drum and bass track whcih should be out on Maxx's channel by the weekend which is mainly me playing a number of vintage equipement and fusing it with new age synthesiers like my Korg Oasys and M3. This already sounds liek a huge track and obvioly wnat to get it perfect, so It maybe out this weekend it may not be (as I do have a job and life and need to furfill certain obigations. But I will work my spare time to bringit to you. The track is called "Crystal Daydream" and will be a electronica fusion track fusing any styles of electronic music together and is so far quite an interesting project.

I will continue to work with my friend Maxx and bring you as finer music as we can possibly muster. Our aim is not views, but to make people happy and hopefully meet some extra people long the way.

I hope his message finds everyone well and I now need to fire up my older computers like my Atari ST and ring you guys some more intresting music mixes and rake in some joy and blow some life into music (unlike most of the pants music which is coming out of the industry these days!)

I've got  a new synth VSTi called Sylenth which I purchased yestereday, so expect some cool voicing to be coming out of this channel in the next few weeks. I've also purchased a second hand Deofler unit of the bay of e's, this should allow me to do some more advanced filter stuff and make some more interesting sounds and maybe, just maybe start making some more vinatge music at some point in the mnear future.  


fireball01e is back!

2016-09-13 14:33:50 by fireball01e

Im back!! 

Music remixes!

2010-11-21 13:44:20 by fireball01e

hello, going to get round to posting some game style mixes of tunes from my favourite games. :D

Game Mixes!

2009-03-07 09:42:23 by fireball01e

More remixes of some classic arcade and console games on the way!

Fireball grafix is making a cartoon, which shall be based on the film; night at he museum (or is it night in the museum). This project will take us intill at least after christmas. this project will be annoying because we cant afford flash, plus we cant find any of the versions which are "apprently free".
So the project will be made in paint and maybe after it has been finished it will be converted to flash.
this will be our 21st project and if made to flash will be our first flash project.